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Heritage and Culture

Ness is rich in cultural and natural heritage, from prehistoric times, to the time of the Vikings and up to the present.  For example, the Morrisons of Lewis established a fortress named Dun Eistein off Knockaird, giving rise to ten generations of hereditary brieves (experts in law) which held sway over the outer Hebridean islands. This branch of the family vanished from the pages of recorded history from 1616.

Ness was known about a century ago as a sea fishing community, with hundreds of men and women employed in great line fishing.  With the fishing grounds being as much as forty miles out to sea, hunting for prize species like halibut, fishing was a precarious activity for the fishermen, resulting in many tragic drownings.  These events have left a cultural heritage of poetry and song, many about the association of the people with their environment.

Cultural heritage Natural heritage
Butt of Lewis lighthouse
St. Moluag's Temple
Dun Eistein
Port of Ness

Taigh Dhonnchaidh
Green Ray
Traigh Shanndaidh
The Eye
Loch Stiapabhat
Galson Moor

Photo Gallery

Butt of Lewis lighthouse This picture shows the Clan Morrison stronghold on Dun Eistein, an island just off the east coast of Knockaird, Ness.  There is a rich historical heritage here, now beginning to be explored by modern archaeology. Green ray - know the legend?
Port of Ness   Traigh Shanndaidh