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Deep sea off Ness.....

Cod, haddock, ling and whiting are among the species for boat angling, along with herring and mackerel.
Off the rocks and beaches, flatfish such as dabs, flounders and turbot can be caught at times.
Care must always be taken when sea fishing due to strong currents, deep sea swells and rogue waves.
Catch your own shellfish, such as lobsters and crabs - seafood delicacies with significant health benefits.

Best fish on commercial great line Best fish by sea angling
Halibut to 1000 lbs + Cod over 35lbs, haddock over 7 lbs

Larger sea creatures such as Minke Whales, Killer Whales, and various species of dolphins and porpoises can
regularly be seen on the surface.   Sharks are seen locally, including huge Basking and Porbeagle sharks.


Photo Gallery

Launching boats ... This aerial picture shows the fishing village of Skigersta.  The clarity of the sea around Ness can easily be seen, with the emerald green tongue of sand entering the bay clearly visible, as is the Viking landing hewn from the rock. Retrieving a boat ...
Off the Butt of Lewis ...   Shark alongside!