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Fresh water angling in Ness.....

Wild brown trout, and sea trout are the main fresh water species, with salmon and rainbow trout available nearby.
Reaching these isolated and remote clear-water lochs is made more easily attainable by quad bike - or simply walk!

Best wild brown trout Best sea trout
Brown trout to 8lbs + Sea trout up to at least 5 lbs

Creatures sharing the fresh water environment are species like otters, and birds such as Great Northern Divers.
More rarely, sightings of exotic birds such as Ospreys, Golden and Sea Eagles are also possible in the locality.


Photo Gallery

Airigh a'Bhealaich This picture shows the magnificent desolation of the heart of moorland Lewis, looking across lochs Cruinn and Bhatalois towards Muirneag, once thriving summer communities when whole villages went with their cattle to the sheilings. Salmon on the fly
Sheiling on Bhatalois   Na h-Atrabhatan