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Salmon, sea trout and sea angling, bird watching, Gaelic culture, Clan Morrison heritage, moor walking, whale watching - holiday visitors on Lewis can see much from the road, but there is even more to see and do off the beaten track!

Located in the north of the Isle of Lewis, Ness has many areas of interest a little off-road, which are nevertheless of potential interest to the more enquiring visitor.  Ness is now the strongest Gaelic-speaking area in the world, and knowledge of the language illuminates the cartography of Scotland - suddenly maps become alive with meaning.  The area is particularly rich regarding one particular clan - the Morrisons have always been associated with Ness, and their ancestral stronghold at Dun Eistein is a site of considerable archaeological, cultural and historical interest.

Enjoy our natural heritage - see these sights, or do these activities, with a local Gaelic-speaking guide.

 "You were an excellent guide with your local knowledge"
 "Our holiday highlight was the guided Ness to Tolsta walk"

          Robert and Elizabeth Wood, Dundee, Scotland
          Mike and Ann Liddell, Stokesley , England


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St Moluag's Temple   Dun Othail, with Tolsta Head
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